News / July 14th, 2022

Basildon Division Thank You Evening

On Friday 8 July, Basildon division held a Leader Thank You Evening. Leaders were presented with various awards, including two 5 year service awards, two 30 year service awards, an EGG award (Essex Good Guiding), two Thanks Badges and a Good Service Badge. Awards were presented by Alison Tompkinson, County Commissioner.

Unfortunately many leaders were not able to come but those that did all had a great time. Leaders could either come in red, white and blue or uniform!!

Kiera Buckingham and Chloe Mitchell received 5 year service awards

Presentation of 5 year service award

Presentation of 5 year service award

Carol Frampton and Jamie Scott received 30 year service awards. Carol was also presented with a Good Service award

30 year service award presentation

30 year service award presentation

Carol Pleasance was presented with an EGG award

Receiving an EGG award

Thanks Badges were presented to Kate Buckingham and George Sawyer

Receiving a thanks badge

receiving a thanks badge

All award recipients are pictured with Carole Davies, Division Commissioner for Basildon and with Alison. For more information regarding awards, visit our Awards and Recognition page.