Guideacres bug hotel

News / April 15th, 2022

Changes at Guideacres!

Lots going on at Guideacres in recent weeks! The re-wilding project and the new bug hotel has been completed and is looking beautiful surrounded by spring flowers. And the first piece of the new trim trail is in place!  This was paid for with money from Jack Petchey leader award.

Digger at Guideacres

News / March 5th, 2022

Guideacres Update after Storm Eunice

Sadly Guideacres did not escape the recent storms unscathed.  Thanks to the Guideacres maintenance team as they made short work of this tree blown down in Storm Eunice As part of the Guideacres Committee’s commitment to continuous improvement the old fireplaces have been removed and replaced with new! We also have a purpose built brick…