Awards and Recognition

Nominate someone in your unit or district!

All our volunteers work hard to give young members a variety of experiences,  but is there someone in your district or unit that you feel has done something to deserve an award? If so, please complete a nomination form and send it to our county commissioner.   Note some of the forms on this page have an outdated address, so please use this one.  The forms will be updated shortly.

Essex Good Guiding Award (EGG)

Essex Good Guiding award badge
For leaders who have contributed considerably and over a period of time (5+ years) to Girlguiding Essex South East at unit level.

EGG Award Nomination Form

Girlguiding Thanks Badge

Girlguiding Thanks Badge

For adults (leaders, unit helpers and supporters) who have made a positive contribution to Girlguiding Essex South East over a period of time or for a special project/area.

Girlguiding Thanks Badge Nomination Form

Good Service Brooch

Good Service Brooch

For adult members who have given excellent service to Girlguiding.

Good Service Brooch Nomination Form


Essex Award

Essex Award badge

For leaders who have contributed considerably to Girlguiding Essex South East at more than one level. For example, someone who has held a county role plus a role at division, district or unit level.

Essex Award Nomination form

To submit nominations for the above awards by post please request address via email given on nomination form.

Anglia Brooch

This Girlguiding Anglia award is for exceptional quality of service given, not just length and is for service within the region, not necessarily to the region.

Anglia BroochThe Anglia Brooch and certificate can be awarded to a person whom the Girlguiding Anglia Awards Committee considers merits this award.  To nominate someone for the Girlguiding Anglia Brooch and certificate they need to meet one of the criteria listed on the nomination form.

Anglia Brooch Nomination form

The Laurel Award

For a Laurel Award Anglia is looking for Outstanding leaders.

Laurel AwardThey will be those leaders who are well known within their county or maybe country/region for the impact they are making. They will demonstrate a deep commitment to Girlguiding and encourage and inspire those around them.

Laurel Award Nomination form