Queen’s Guide Award

This is the most prestigious award anyone in Guiding aged 16 – 30 can work towards.

Ever considered working on the Queen’s Guide Award?
Do you even know what this award is?
As your county Queen’s Guide Award adviser let me tell you a bit about it.

This is the most prestigious award anyone in Girlguiding aged 16 – 30 can achieve. It is the highest award you can achieve by working for it and not being nominated for it

Although there are basic clauses you have to work in achieving, what you do and at what level you achieve is down to you, as this award is about challenging yourself!!!  No-one is going to tell you what to do, you need to decide this for yourself and then put it into a 3 year plan. This is the length of time you have to achieve the award. It is possible to take up to 12 months as a break in some circumstances, eg exams, moving house, starting uni or work etc. The full 12 months does not have to be taken all at once and you may only need a few months break.  This is agreed with your county QGA adviser (me)!!

You will choose a mentor, someone who knows you, who will support you but will also challenge you to ensure you are challenging yourself.  They are not supporting you to tell you what to do, these are your decisions and choices.

You will meet with the county QGA adviser and your mentor to go through the award and maybe given some ideas before writing up a draft plan, again when you work on each clause is up to you, there is no specific order for completing each one. You will also need to find an assessor for each clause, before you start working on them, who you should chat to first to explain what you plan to do as they will be signing it off for you.

You will have the opportunity of taking part and completing numerous different areas of skills and challenges, all of which you will have chosen. So if this sounds like something you may be interested in, then please contact me and we can have that initial chat.

Go on, you know you want to and it really is worth all the work you put into achieving the Queen’s Guide Award.

Carole Davies

ESE county Queen’s Guide Award adviser