Finance and Grants

Information and downloads relating to finance.

For the most up to date information on how to manage unit finances, bank accounts, end of year requirements and much more please check the unit finances pages of the Girlguiding website.
If you cannot find what you need on these pages, Liz Perry is our county treasurer and is always willing and able to help with any unit/district/division financial matters. Please don’t hesitate to contact her should you require assistance.


Bank Account Details Form 
Expenses Claim Form  
Annual Subscription – County Role Claim Form


A government scheme that enables units to claim tax relief on subscriptions. It’s an easy and guaranteed way to raise more money for your unit. Information pack available to download from Girlguiding Gift Aid Information
You can start collecting Gift Aid declarations before you register for Gift Aid. After you register, claims can be backdated for up to four years – so make sure you’re not missing out on claimable funds


Funding is available to support a wide variety of guiding activities.
It is designed to support adult volunteers undertaking training, to contribute towards the development of guiding owned properties and anyone who is travelling internationally.
Financial Assistance is available to new units and units, districts and divisions in financial difficulties due to exceptional circumstances
If you require further advice on grants please email the grants co-ordinator via the Contact Us form on this website.


For units which open mid-year and require financial assistance to pay their annual subscription. A unit opened in the autumn term would receive two thirds of the total unit fee, a unit opened in the summer term would receive one third.
NB: This is only applicable where the majority of the girls are new to Girlguiding or from a deprived area.

To apply please complete the Annual Subscription Claim Form for New Units


Units experiencing financial hardship due to unexpected circumstances may apply for assistance. Please provide as much detail as possible to prevent delay in a decision.

To apply please complete the Financial Assistance Application Form.
(The application will be considered by members of the county finance committee – awards over £1,000 will go to the county executive for ratification.)



Grants are open to any unit/district/division towards the cost of any property, event or project up to a maximum of £5,000 in any 5 year period.

Information required includes:

  • Details of any previously received funding and when.
  • Copy of your last signed examined accounts
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Copies of documents giving quotes or costings
  • Your Costs: Amount being applied for
  • Total cost
  • How much will you/or others contribute to the total cost?
  • When required

To apply please complete the Property, Events and Projects Grant Application Form
(The application will be considered by members of the County Finance Committee – Awards of over £1,000 will go to the county executive for ratification.)


A £50 grant is available towards the cost of an event organized by unit/district to celebrate and thank those involved in the achievement of this award. Application via email giving details of the event to the Queens Guide award adviser via the Contact Us form on this website.


Training grants are currently administered by the CART – county adviser responsible for training. These grants are given to any leader whom the CART considers is attending a training which will be of benefit to the county up to £150.

Please apply via email to the CART


A grant of £50 for any leader who attends a training which includes an overnight stay at one of the Girlguiding Training & Activity Centres in the UK throughout her guiding life. Please apply via email to the CART

Criteria for applicant:

  • Have held a unit appointment for at least 3 years
  • Have not applied within the past 3 years (can apply every fourth year if appropriate)

The Training & Activity Centres are:

  • Hautbois Activity Centre, Norfolk
  •  ICANDO, London
  • Lorne, Ulster, County Down

A grant may also be available from Anglia region, please see link below


The Trefoil Guild New Unit Grant provides support to cover resource costs for new units.

Any new unit or one which has re-opened after a break of at least a year may apply. The application must be received by the Trefoil Guild office within 6 months of the first meeting.


Other places to access funding:

The Girlguiding Anglia Region website offers a selection of grants and funds.

    The national Girlguiding grants and funding webpage details further funding that is available.