Rosalyn Jones

Division commissioner, Southend West

My name is Rosalyn and I’m currently division commissioner for Southend West and also run a Brownie unit in Westcliff.
I was a Guide in the West Midlands and then returned as a leader when I moved to Essex after university which was a brilliant way of making friends quickly in a new place.
My favourite memory as a Guide is sitting round the  campfire in the dark, singing and drinking hot tomato soup from an old mug.  As a leader highlights have been many, including accompanying a group of Guides to Canada, numerous Brownie holidays,  sleepovers and lots of memories of happy excited girls trying new things and laughing with their Brownie friends.
Over the years I have been district dommissioner twice and division international adviser. I helped set up the first Rainbow unit in Westcliff and over the years have covered both Rainbows and occasionally Guides when leaders have been unavailable.
I’m now privileged to lead an enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers providing  amazing guiding in Eastwood, Leigh East and West and Westcliff.

You can contact Rosalyn on