Carol Roberts

Division commissioner, Rayleigh

Like many others I started my guiding journey in Brownies at the age of 7 and continued through Guides, Sea Rangers (SRS Dryad) in Benfleet, moving into leadership with Guides in Rayleigh and now Rangers.   Highlights have, of course, been numerous, the main ones being the privilege of being county commissioner for  7 years for ESE, and taking a group of senior section girls from the region to Hawaii for 2 weeks to take part in an ‘Experience in International Living’ with Girl Scouts there – camping in a rain forest in a tin hut on stilts with wild pigs underneath us, and standing on hot lava from an erupting volcano leaves lasting memories for ever…

Camping has always been a great love and every year the guides and I have been to different counties around the Region – in the early days travelling in the back of a newspaper lorry sitting on all the equipment!   Like now, themes for the week are chosen for the opportunity to be current and in line with the girls likes and favourite interests, characters/films etc.  Whilst always offering  new camp skills and team working, above all is the laughter and fun element which draws us all together – even after months and years apart – and is the key to always having a friend in guiding.

Whilst in the role of division commissioner I hope to create an opportunity to draw leaders and young women together to have loads of fun and adventure whilst gaining  new skills and interests from this great guiding journey.

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